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Of all kinds ham introduces

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One, Xuan Wei ham
Announce power ham advocate originate in Yunnan to save Xuan Wei county, ham of Xuan Wei of announce word card is the famous product in cloud leg, cloud leg producing area divides Xuan Wei outside, still have meeting lustre, Qu Jing, mine, touch beneficial, clear to connect, close greatly, Yi fine, artful home, Lu Dian and Guizhou Province power peace, He Zhang, dish the county such as city of county, water, the characteristic of announce power ham is lute form, leg hypertrophy, gas sweet, aftertaste is sweet.
The treatment season of announce power ham begins to be souse period to the Beginning of Spring from Frost's descent, hang to maturity of dragon boat festival to classification. The treatment component of announce power ham expects to choose, souse, ferment 3 phase.
2, the ham that be like Gao
Treatment of the ham that be like Gao and " Jin Hua " ham is similar, beginning because of it is by " Jin Hua " ham treatment technician machines ham to this one belt and development rises, but its treatment and " Jin Hua " ham is the oldest different have at 2 o'clock: The L, amount using salt that processes souse is different. To get used to the habit of local masses taste, be like Gao ham treatment to use salt is: Every 100 kilograms of bright legs use salt 10 ~ 12 kilograms, want prep above " Jin Hua " the 50 % left and right sides of ham.
2, foot of the rape oil on the when rebuilding, should pass to rebuilding leg Xu in ham, basically be insect-resistant eat by moth, protect fragrance, prevent dehydrate weight loss (because local climate is drier) .
3, the crane celebrates round leg
The crane celebrates round leg renown cross one's legs, because appearance is round whole, be similar in shape dish face and get a name, its machine the method that make is:
The crane celebrates round leg to use briny dipping process to machine (or call souse of crock, kiln the law) , its machine working procedure to be as follows.
1, choose makings; 2, rebuild; 3, souse; 4, air is hanged; 5, ferment; 6, classification.
4, crown peaceful ham
When crown peaceful ham is being machined, the leg that is in in close leg claw opens one alveolus on the skin of the brim, after curving leg claw, make leg claw inserts aperture inside, whole leg forms lozenge " <> " or square dish of form, call cross one's legs again so. Crown peaceful ham is used mostly wet bloat law treatment, frost's descent comes the souse that the Beginning of Spring is ham period, its machine a characteristic is:
1, in bright leg not when air is appeared with respect to souse, immediately uses double closefisted to press, push blood giving incomplete.
2, with plain salt souse, after wanting to fry salt heat, brush go up in the leg, the quantity that use salt is 100 kilograms of bright legs, with salt 8 ~ 10 kilograms, use brown sugar a few.