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Jin Hua Bao

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"Jin Hua Bao " city of department Zhejiang Jin Hua is particular delicate arenaceous boiler is stewed article, use more than 20 ingredient material of rare Chinese traditional medicine and flavor, elaborate modulation and into. Flavor is unique, grow take a tonic to build up health is unripe, good in quality and cheap in price, ate not suffer from excessive internal heat, in river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, Hunan, another name for Guangdong Province at present each province city leaves have much home " village of Jin Hua Bao " extremely rich great reputation, business flourishing.

Bao of anguine Bao old duck
Bao of fish of pickled Chinese cabbage of Long Feng Bao
Bullion hoof water joins soft-shelled turtle Bao
Bao of whip of ox of Jinhua of river snail Bao
Dove Bao Jin Hua this gallinaceous Bao
Bao of Niu Za of Jinhua of piscine head Bao
Bao of meat of dog of Jin Hua of Dong bone Bao
Bao of chop Bao Jin Huashi frog

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