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The Spring Festival is safe " travel " small jewel

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Celebrated a festival! Delicious, amused, chic gift, happy journey... all makes the child very happy! This moment, you but must not forget to defend safety for the child this closes oh! Must not " extreme joy begets sorrow " . In festival when carry this kind of sentence, it is this palm mouth really. Common saying says, keep one's eyes peeled 10 thousand not much also, paralytic carelessness wants only once too much also. Perhaps be you temporarily paralytic carelessness, those who caused all one's life is regretful. For the safety of darling, still make us sober come down, emphasize the safe issue that considers darling, so that our joy continues can abidingly,go down.

  Give a safe jewel

As the change of people thinking idea, more and more people abandoned one everybody child the traditional pattern that round reunion circle spends the New Year, turn and take aim the perspective to the world outside. Go out outer unlike in the home, year young darling and young father and mother will face more problems --

Give the case of each respect such as the weather that clear destination inspects first before travel, food, accommodation, prepare to give the article that should carry all right according to local circumstance next. But anyway, the clothings of darling, food, beverage and other articles for daily use must be deployed all ready, in order to have untimely needs.

3 go out to travel happily. No matter make an aircraft, drive, still live guesthouse, you should pay close attention to the child's safety above all.


Every child should have · oneself seat. 2 years old the following or weight is insufficient 18 kilograms child aboard, should use infantile safety seat.

· if you want aboard to use infantile car seat, want to ensure it passes concerned mechanism test and verify. The label on seat should indicate: "Suit to be used on car and plane " .

· asks to have cheeper to use urgent device. Phone airline, ensure you have taken plane lash-up unit, be like the parachute that makes for cheeper only.

· ensures the child fastens good safety belt, the plane can produce rock possibly at any time.

· does not let the child sit on the seat that stands by corridor. Dot likes to extend a hand to be explored everywhere, meet very easily be contused by the person of associate with or service car.

· must accompany the child to go together closet. There may be a tip in closet or hard object hurts the child. The door of closet may place the child's hand when switch.

   In the hotel:

· is familiar with your room. Careful observation room all around, look to whether have potential risk, be like the cuting object on the floor or prominent metallic other people. The door that checks window or bathroom is firm. It is normal to ensure the lamp and lock move even.