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Does the United States swim what article forbids to take?

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The United States swims after debutting, already busy move goes to many impatient citizens travel agent have a taste of what is just in season signing up. Know to amount to a person to remind everybody, preparing the journey cheerfully while, also fasten oversight each country to baggage and article into, leave the country relevant provision of management. Accordingly, when dealing with the visa that heads for destination country, should know the rule of field of its visa, baggage, article management to the visa official of concerned country.

Article of individual for private use

To the articles for daily use of individual for private use, euramerican wait for a country to do not have limitation commonly. The dollar that to entering a country passenger place carries or other foreign currency (include traveller's check) , general allow is entered, but the passenger should be declared according to the facts. People assigned aborad is before the port that enters some country, the girl of international airliner can send every guest commonly when one enters a country, connect involve used custom declaration form, the passenger should be declared according to the facts, include the foreign currency that carries and traveller's check. The gift that carries to entering a country, the custom that exceeds certain limit should deduct tax, be like American gift overbalance of 50 dollars be about to deduct tax.

The article that prohibits entering a country commonly

Western each country (outside dividing Japan) custom prohibits importing ivory or ivory goods from ivory state of origin, the wool of the endangered animal such as tiger, leopard, skin, bone. The country such as the United States, England, Japan still prohibits when the passenger enters a country, carry fresh fruit, vegetable or without treated the flesh kind.

The tourist enters goods of American forbidden band

Fresh, dehydrate or canned flesh kind, fleshy products;

Plant seed, vegetable, fruit reachs soil;

The bug with insect harmful to the plant etc kind;

Blame canister is installed or bloat the fish that fume and roe;

Wild animal reachs the specimen;

Drugs reachs dangerous drug;

Pirate (without copyright) belt of book and recording, kinescope;

Colour certificate;

Ammunition ammo.

Article of forbidden band of tourist return trip

All sorts of weapons, emulation weapon;

Bogus money reachs bogus negotiable securities;

The culture transmission such as record player of harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture presswork, film, photograph, disc, film, tape, laser is tasted and computer memory medium;